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Saturday, February 25, 2012

That Blanket. Yes, THAT one.

I finished it. The family plaid blanket is done.

And I'm never doing another one. Not ever. Even if it does look pretty great. The work is not worth the output. Maybe I could translate it into a potholder pattern. Now that's small enough that I could get behind it.

I also took a break from the blanket insanity to finish Johnny's Go Bro Beanie in time to send it off for his birthday. I tweaked my pattern a bit so that the stripes decreased in thickness as they reach the top of the hat. I love how it turned out.

In other yarny news, I have inherited a box full of knitting and crocheting paraphernalia from my fiance's grandmother. It took a long evening sorting things out but I now own more straight needles than may be considered sane. She was quite crafty in her day. She taught knitting to 4H kids, and when we went through her house a few months back, I found an unfinished afghan by her chair.

The first time I met his grandmother was at the funeral of her only son. She hugged me and told me to take care of her grandson. I think I've done a decent job at it so far, and I'm hoping she went knowing that he would be in good hands. I'll take good care of all the bits and bobs she inadvertently left in my possession too. It's almost like she planned for a yarn-loving granddaughter-in-law.

Yes, by the way, I did say fiance. The wedding is set for June 16th at the chapel of our undergrad alma mater. I have the yarn already purchased for my wedding veil and a few patterns I'm still deciding between. That will be the next project. All others are on hold, due to wedding plans and a thesis that needs to be complete by April.

Somehow, life seems to be coming together, one stitch at a time.