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Monday, August 29, 2011

Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo. How's about you, you, you?

I have a revamp of the blog in the works. I've decided to branch out in my written recipe to include the other passions in my life. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of food. In the meantime, here is a surprising lunch I had at the Cleveland Zoo, in a cafe next to the aquarium/primate house.

A veggie burger! At the zoo! It was a rice and veggie mix with a definite spicy pepper zing. Copious amounts of water were consumed in the eating of this burger, but I didn't care about a semi-scorched tongue. It was delicious just the same. By the way, look a little closer and you may be able to tell that the bun? Totally wheat bread. Now that, folks, is not a find to make light of. White flour buns are a dime a dozen, but wheat flour is a rare find in a restaurant setting. And I was at the zoo, no less. A place that often leaves me with the option of nachos, fries, or an ice cream cone and that's about it.

Sometimes Cleveland manages to get something right. Another thing Cleveland got right? Okaying to house the set of the newest Whedon flick. (I heart Whedon.) The Avengers is now shooting, and on the way to campus, I catch glimpses of the action. Today, I even spotted the set's food tables. Unfortunately, Joss Whedon was apparently not hungry when I was walking by, nor was any other member of the cast and crew.

Pre-veggie burger lunch at the Zoo, I spotted something else in the primate house worth sharing:

Since when do monkeys do yoga?

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