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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ideas for Lunch: the simple veggie taco

Leftovers. I've been taking them every day in my lunch... except today. Today, there were no leftovers. Today, I was scrounging around the kitchen for portable edibles and ended up with a yogurt, a jello cup with fruit in it and a can of lentil soup (Progresso Brand).

The good thing about work? I don't have to worry about microwaving plastic containers to make said soup. You hear all those rumors about the BPA released in plastic when it's microwaved. Then again, I guess there's supposed to be BPA in cans of soup too. A busy gal can't win. At home, we microwave in plastic and wash the dishes by hand. At work, there's ceramic dishware, a dishwasher, and coffee so strong that one cup was enough to send me into a three hour jitter-spell, complete with hand-twitching.

My soup was adequate today. It was filling and warm and the room was not-so-warm. It worked to my benefit.

Last week, though, there was leftover veggie taco. I took in a container filled with rice in enchilada sauce, refried black beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese. In a little condiment container, I took a scoop of sour cream. I brought a large tortilla in a piece of tinfoil. When lunch came, I took a large plate out of the office kitchen cupboard, placed the tortilla on it and topped it with everything but the sour cream. I nuked it for 40 minutes, added the sour cream, rolled it up, and had myself a little 15 minute fiesta.

On sour cream: never liked it before, but for some reason, I can't get enough of the stuff. If you've never partaken, give it a chance. Sour cream will not disappoint.

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