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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Write. Submit. Wait.

I'm trying to get the submission train rolling on the writing career front. I've submitted one of the novel stories/chapters to One Story (if you are going to aim, aim high). I plan on submitting to Glimmer Train in July/August, whenever their standard submission month is in the summer. I also took a peek at Midwestern Gothic, because it seemed perfect for my writing style. Alas, they are only open to photo submissons at the moment. On the plus side, I take a lot of pictures, and nothing feels so satisfying when waiting for potential writing submission rejection as having a photo accepted by a lit mag one day after submission. It's called Michigan Grassland. I took it in 2006 in my parent's backyard. My three year old son makes an appearance in mismatched outerwear.

Does that make me a published author yet?

As for actual writing, I have not made much substantial progress. Still no story ideas to be had. I do have two entries in my faux leather post-MFA journal, a fairly terrible poem and a definition I found amusing from the Webster's New College Dictionary. The defintion will inspire a less terrible poem in the near future, if all goes well.

In the meantime, I have heard back from an agent whom I sent a query and first chapter of the novel. I was beyond thrilled with the e-mail requesting the rest of the manuscript, which I did yesterday. I know that getting the whole manuscript read does not equate to a book-deal or even an agent, but still, this being the first agent I queried, I take it for a good sign. Now, the waiting. I'm not sure if Tom Petty is right. I'm pretty sure the waiting is not the hardest part of this particular scenario (try writing/revising a novel and see what I mean), but then again, it sure isn't easy.

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