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Friday, July 13, 2012

Yarn Stash Realization

My life is returning to a routine schedule. One where all of my free time isn't eaten up by thesis revisions, wedding plans, or weekly trips to Michigan. What this means: some time freed up to dedicate to reorganizing my stash.

My stash, who I am affectionately referring to as the "Acrylic Nightmare," has been in a pretty constant state of disrepair since thesis hours started in 2011. I have been adding to it but not subtracting. I have been incapable of turning down sales, clearances, and markdowns. I have purchased cheaply regardless of fiber content in a poor graduate student attempt to ensure my future ability to make something (even a less than ideal something) with yarn and sticks. I have overfilled the cedar trunk that housed the Acrylic Nightmare and desperately found empty boxes and totes in which to throw skeins, making sure to leave a cedar-protected place in the trunk for those few yarny purchases I have made with even a percentage of nonsynthetic content. I'm still not entirely sure where all that Red Yarn Super Saver came from. (I assume it was for amigurumi, as good yarn need not be utilized in the making of toddler and pet toys. They will not last long anyway.)

I found every box, every tote, and emptied all my yarn onto the living room rug. Then they were sorted by weight and fiber content, photographed, and put up in my ravelry notebook online. Then, the yarn I really love went into the cedar chest, the super saver went into a milk crate, and the rest ended up in a plastic tote that now resides in the bottom of my tiny bedroom closet. By the end of the ordeal, ravelry told me I have 73 separate entries in my stash (this counts two balls of the same dye lot as 1 entry), so I likely broke 100 balls of yarn. I did not count them individually. I didn't have the heart... or maybe the fearlessness. My husband took one look at that pile of fiber and laughed himself near tears. I apparently can never again pick on him for repurchasing the same book twice because he forgot he already had it. In the guy universe, this much yarn is just so much worse. I would argue, but I have six skeins of a marled pink bulky acrylic that equals over 2500 yards total. I can't say rightly what I was thinking there other than providing blankets to all baby girls born into the family within the next five years. Maybe ten.

I proclaimed myself on a yarn diet and then promptly purchased two skeins of RH stardust in the blue colorway. In my defense, it's for my cousin Kristin's birthday present and she picked the yarn. I'm making her a Caput Helianthus hat (pattern by Sara Morris at Rose City Knits). This is the pattern I won in the Hogwarts at Ravelry cupcake contest with my Raven Clawcakes recipe. I'm trying to work hard on it, as it needs to be done by the end of July.

But this is my vow: I will de-stash some of this stuff. No more new yarn until I've used up some of the old. By the next knitting blog, I hope to be if not done with the CH hat, then at least near completion. More than that, I hope to match up patterns I already own to some of yarn in the stash. If it happens to be some of that massive amount of acrylic, all the better.

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