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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BBQ Tempeh and Soba

Some nights dinner is just unplanned. You get home, open the pantry, and pray there's something in there you can serve.Well, we had some tempeh in the refrigerator and some soba noodles in the cupboard.

Tempeh and Soba Noodles in Barbeque Sauce
What you need:
white mushrooms
one eggplant
red bell pepper
barbeque sauce

1. Boil the noodles! Then drain them (important step).

2. Cut up and clean the mushrooms and assorted vegetables.

3. Cut the tempeh into thin slices and stir fry them in soy sauce until they are golden brown on both sides.

4. Add the vegetables to the stir fry and fry that up in barbeque sauce until the veggies are to your desired consistency. Then, add the noodles and yet more barbeque sauce.

5. Eat and enjoy, thus avoiding dinner disaster.

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