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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Garden of my very Own: Flowering Fauna (part 2 in a series)

The pre-existing plants in my new front yard continue to teach me new things. For example, wisteria vines are actually rather invasive (at least the variety in my garden) and must be hacked at constantly and new vines must be watched for with vigilance so as to avoid them taking over EVERYTHING. Also, catnip flowers and it's very pretty:

Yes, the end of spring does not mean the end of flowers. The former owner of my property made sure of that. In addition to the catnip blossoms, there are five rose bushes I have found thus far. Two are pink, one with thorns and one (pictured left), which is blessedly without thorns.

The other three of various varieties of red rose, including this one (pictured right), which looks particularly um... flowery when the rose is fully blown.

The columbines are over now, but they thrived for a good month. I kept seeing new plants of them all over the yard, including this late-blooming and amazing purple columbine.

(That white fuzz all over them would be cottonwood fluff.)

The rhododendrons too have kicked the bucket since this photo was taken near the end of their stay, but while they were here, they were just lovely.

And behind the front garden fence, I've got a few of these. I don't rightly know what they are, despite heavy amounts of google searches, so if you know what the heck this thing is, let me know:

As the columbines, rhododendrons, and azaleas were saying goodbye, the daylilies that are planted all over the front yard started budding. So far, all of the ones that have opened are a bit of a school bus yellow. I wait patiently to see about the rest.

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