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Monday, September 9, 2013

The perfect sky

Life seems to be coming together. Just this past month or so, I've started feeling the level of steady I've-reached-the-place-I-want-to-be that I thought I would feel back near Easter, when I first moved into our house. I'm happy, motivated, and seeing the beauty in everyday things.

The house is, well, under construction for the next 10 years, but I knew that would happen when I bought it. My dad spent my entire childhood renovating houses, so I know the drill. Even so, with the floor pulled up in the library, I'm starting to see progress in a real way and look ahead to the not-so-distant future, in which the rest other two downstairs rooms have the carpet torn up, subfloor down, and furniture situated so that I can finally get all my stuff out of their boxes and live in an organized way. More than that, dad came down for an over-nighter on friday, and he and my husband put the boiler pipes back together. We will have heat on both sides of the house and one fully-functioning boiler to do the job.

The novel: My agent has given it the go-ahead. Five (or was it six?) revisions later, it's now a full-on, completed book, rather than a novel-in-stories. One more round of editing minor issues should see it off to editors to sample and see if they want to buy it. Keep your fingers crossed.

In the mothering department: My son has found a 4H group that he fits in with, he starts fifth-grade band this week, go to fifth-grade camp next week (probably), and start sunday school at our new church the weekend after next. He will meet his new, hopefully organized and responsible cub scout troop (the last two we tried were not so) at the end of this month, meaning he might actually be able to get that Webelos badge he's pretty much done all the work to attain. We went to the new church this weekend and the people are kind and welcoming (though I do miss the old church, which I attended with my late friend Veronica, so it's filled with memories of her and the people I would never have known if not for her).

Edit: I apparently have some issues to work through with the school, but my son is still happier here than he ever was at his old school, and soon, he will be learning a higher-level of material that will help engage him back into a love of learning he has lost from route, unchallenging schoolwork.

In addition, by the end of this late summer/early fall, the last two of my close, saw-everyday pre-school companions will have tied the knot, the first, Stephanie, two weeks ago and the second, my first best friend and closest-in-age-boy-cousin Jesse (who is marrying Jessie, no joke), this Saturday. I couldn't be happier for them.

The sky even complied for Stephanie's wedding, stretching itself into the perfect, puffy Toy-Story-Wallpaper clouds that just don't seem to exist in Cleveland. This is the second weekend where we traveled to Michigan to find the skies this way, and since I live near Cleveland now and don't see skies like that all the time, I find myself awed by them.

I hope life finds you as blessed as I feel this week.

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