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Monday, October 21, 2013

Beet Burgers

When I was planning out my garden this past spring, there were very few things that my husband really had an opinion on. Beets was one of them. Apparently, we really needed to plant some beets, so plant beets we did. By the end of July, they were ripe. This coincided nicely with our clearance purchase of a brand new grill, clearance at Target.

So what did we make with the beets? One of the best veggie burgers I've ever had featured beets, so the answer seemed obvious to me: burgers.

I'm not sure what recipe my husband made or I could tell you what recipe not to make. The burgers weren't bad but they weren't the spectacular burgers I'd had before either. It was too beet-y. So what I can say is this:

Make beet burgers, but make sure the recipe isn't too beet heavy.

I would wager that adding something else with a strong flavor, like black beans, would greatly improve the taste of the burger, so look for a recipe that does so. The burgers disappointed a little, but the grill? The grill was fantastic.


  1. The red hue makes them look deceptively meaty! Sad to hear they were a disappointment, but a really beet-y burger sounds great to me. They're one of my favorite vegetables after all.

    1. I will say they weren't bad tasting. They were quite good, really. They just didn't knock my socks off. It could even have just been a lack of seasoning. I'm not sure. I have had beet burgers that left me sockless so I know it can be done, and I refuse to pass along a recipe for an inferior burger.