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Monday, June 7, 2010

The New Recipe Commitment

Now that I'm really going on this blog, I'd hate to lose momentum. But then, the ability to write it depends heavily upon the fact of making something over the course of the day that I've never made and well, I'm betting on some weeks that are filled with old favorites (or new favorites). Tonight, for example, we had french toast. I make a mean french toast but it stands to reason that whether you burn the bread or let it get too soggy or not soggy enough, you know the basic gist of making french toast. It's not hard and hardly worth a blog.

The day before, I had a premade meal from Trader Joes and the day before that I ate Vegetable Stir Fry and Tofu at the Elephant Bar. I guess I could talk about the Elephant Bar meal. It's one I've had often. The restaurant is located in the mall at Toledo and while it's a chain, the one in Toledo is the only one that exists east of the Mississippi. Best Tofu I've ever had, so it's not that it isn't worth blogging. It's just that it doesn't feel new to me. The thrill is gone between me and the Elephant Bar and so, I doubt I'd give it the justice it deserves, much as a wife is bound to overlook mentioning some of the better qualities of her husband that a girlfriend would expound upon of a boyfriend. If you enjoy tofu and live anywhere near Toledo (or somewhere west of the Mississippi, you should go there and check it out for yourself. It's worth the trip.

However, back to the task at hand. I don't want to let my blogging go lax. So here's my goal: I pledge to you, dear reader, if you exist at all or care at all, to make or consume at least one new blog-worthy thing a week. I'll try to make it two or three over the course of the summer, because I have the time to dedicate to it that I don't have during the school year. But at least once is the minimum. I'm thinking if I write it out and send it into cyberspace, I'm more likely to keep the pact... with myself and you.

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