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Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Garden of My Very Own: Backyard Invasion

I made a discovery a few weeks ago in my backyard. The tanged mess you see below is what I have decided is properly wild grapes.

Often wild grapes don't produce fruit, so intent on producing more plant instead. This plant, however, has some fruit. Whether or not it will be worth keeping or not is to be determined.

This mess overtaking the edge of the woods by the second driveway, though, has no fruit and is generally just highly invasive and thus, destructive. It's death is, while not yet planned by exact date, imminent.

Then there's this fun three-leaved vine growing into the back  corner of our yard off an otherwise lovely tree. We have purchased poison ivy killing spray and hopefully, can get rid of it before we all end up covered in rashes.

In the meantime, the deer are being just as invasive as the vines. They ate all but three of the apples from our tree, forcing the husband to pick them prematurely if he was going to get any apples at all. They also have now feasted on the tomato plants so much that I'm not sure they will be able to produce anything before summer's end. It's a shame.

Next year, I guess we'll invest in chicken wire fence. And then electrify it...

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