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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Garden of My Very Own: In the Vegetable Garden

I'm getting impatient for produce here at my garden (and a little sick of swiss chard, to be honest). Some things are doing very well. The chocolate mint plant, for example, has exploded in growth.

The front herb/pretty edibles garden is mostly florishing, with a good amount of that swiss chard and good production for the lettuce and kale. The savory and oregano are doing as well as the chocolate mint, but the rosemary and thyme aren't bushing out as much as I'd like. In the background, the parsley has gone native and just taken the place over, which I'm good with. It looks gorgeous. Still, the spinach and cilantro plants have just out-and-out died and the basil and argula are tall but shrinking, with the chamomile staying in its small upright form, though I've heard that it's supposed to be ground cover.

In the side garden, there is one sole pepper on one of the two pepper plants that's been there for a month and is still not-yet-ripe. There has been one zucchini and a bunch of half-finished cucumbers. The beets look ripe, and we'll pull them as soon as we decide on a recipe.

Out back, there have been two ripe cherry tomatoes, both very small, and one green tomato that has since been plundered by the wildlife. So it grows.

But it just isn't growing fast enough.

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